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There are a few great Database apps available for the iPad these days, some are free, some cost a few bucks but all are great ways to get your life (both business and leisure) completely organized. Check these out.

Bento for iPad – is just about the most popular, so I thought I’d start with (what some might say) is the best, plus I like things to be organized too, so my list is alphabetized!  Bento for iPad really does help you to get your life in order, enabling you to quickly and easily; organize friends, contacts and clients, really keep track of projects and other stuff “to do”, plan meetings and events with pinpoint accuracy, leaving nothing to chance, and manage other stuff . . . personal stuff, business stuff, Bento is just great at organizing your “stuff”.

Database Viewer Plus for iPad – claim to be “the quickest and easiest way to go paperless” and who are we to argue with that? You can synchronize your iPad with your desktop databases wirelessly, easily,quickly and without fuss. You can also do lots of other stuff so remember to check it out for more details here.

HanDBase iPad App – with more than 2000 templates to choose from, is there nothing you can’t do with HanDBase iPad app?  I’m sure that there must be something, but let’s concentrate on the positives shall we . . . there are loads of things you can do with the HanDBase iPad app, so check it out and see how it can help to organize your life.

Tap Forms HD iPad App – helps you to have the details on your entire life only a couple of taps away. There are only 25 templates but they can be used for a whole range of things which really can help to keep your life organized.

Check out more details on all of these great database apps for the iPad here.



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